Sunday, April 19, 2015


Hi guys,

I'm new here and I wanted to say I'm a big fan of Cryaotic. And I saw cry isn't doing very great. He took a lot of breaks and he is sick right now not being happy and all. I know cry has made a lot of us very happy, made us laugh and we should do something.

He is the one making us happy and now it's our turn to make him happy and smile. So I want to make a video for cry, with all fans, crylovers everyone cry helped out or made happy. If everyone makes a really short video thanking cry in any way, a piece of paper with a nice message or just say something.

Make it last for a few secondes, send it to me, I will find someone who can put it together and we send it to cry. I think he deserves it.

My youtube account is lisa1love1, I hope you guys wanna help out. :)

If you have any questions I'd love to awnser them


Ps. leave a mesagge if you'll make a video.

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